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International Travel Tracker App Launched in Android

Xlteq announce the release of International Travel Tracker in Android and iOS.

"Travel Tracker helps me keep a simple and accurate record of where I am in the world"

Ritchie Faulkner - Lead Guitarist - Judas Priest

Keep accurate records of your international...

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Using the Select Case Statement

Access Tips from Xlteq

Using the Select Case Statement

Often in VBA code you need to take a value and “do something” conditionally.

The traditional approach is to use an If Then Else or If Then Elseif ElseIf … type of construct, however these quickly...

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How to use the ABS Function in Excel

ABS Function

A lesser know function in Excel is ABS, which is short for absolute. This function simply converts any negative number into a positive one.

To use it we simply type in the function and refernce a cell which contains a number. If the number...

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Excel Developer Tips Summing Filtered Rows

Excel Expert Tips - Summing Filtered Rows

In Excel you can sum a range of rows using the SUM command, however this will sum up all the rows even if they are filtered....

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Date Formatting in Access Databases

Access Database Date Formatting

If you write even simple VBA code, or use forms to set dates to run reports or queries, at some point you will probably have been tripped up by international date formats in Access or Excel, particularly if you are in the...

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Excel Quick Sum of Column

Excel Spreadsheets Quick Sum of Column...

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Excel Header and Ribbon Short Cuts

Excel Spreadsheets Header and Ribbon Short Cuts...

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Excel Copy Cell and Formula Short Cuts

Excel Tip for Copying Cell and Formula Short Cuts...

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Excel Formulae Wizard

Tips from Xlteq Excel Formulae Wizard...

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Toggle Formulas Off and On

Toggle Excel Formulas Off and On

A simple keyboard shortcut to switch the view between displaying cell values and the formulae that are in the cells....

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PowerPoint Presentations Automated

PowerPoint presentations to the board – a help or hindrance to your productivity?

How often do you hear fellow sales managers complain that if they could spend less time putting together management information (MI) they would have more time to generate...

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Editing a dropdown list

How to editing a dropdown list in Excel...

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