Access Database issue "Cannot open any more databases"

Are you having trouble opening your Access Database?

Microsoft have released an update which caused this problem. The issue is triggered by running VBA code that references Access objects.

Issues include:

  • No Access window open, but Access process running in task manager
  • Trying to compact and repair an Access file and receiving a message that the database is already in use
  • Receiving “Error 3048: Cannot open any more databases”
  • Receiving “Error 3014: Can’t open any more tables”
  • Receiving error “Already in use by Admin” 

This link explains this in a little detail - Click Here

Microsoft have not released a fix yet but there is a workaround we have detailed below.

You will have to do this on each instance of access you use (ie your home version if you have one and the work version – although the work version will only need to be done once to work for anyone who uses it).

Open up Access without opening any database and at the bottom of the screen click on Options


In the option box that appears, click on “Trust Centre” and then “Trust Centre Settings..” to the right

Select “Trusted Locations”

Then select “Add New Locations”

You now have to select the folder in which the database is saved (and maybe tick the ‘include sub folders option as well’ if you have any other databases in sub folders which you use).

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