Excel Spreadsheet and Access Database Support

Supporting and managing the ongoing requirements for Excel and Access solutions

Our clients often request our ongoing support to ensure that the Access Database or Excel Spreadsheet solutions we provide continue to evolve with their needs. We offer consistent and seamless helpdesk resource to cover any and all eventualities.

Why have our support

Typically the areas of support might include:

  • Microsoft update or change – new versions of Microsoft Windows or Office are released regularly. These upgrades often require changes to your Access Database or Excel Spreadsheet to ensure the smooth running of the tool.
  • Data integrity or user error – sometimes, even with the greatest care, errors in data entry or upload occur causing malfunctions.
  • Bug Fixes – usually uncovered when a function that has never been tested or used is triggered. Most bugs are discovered in the initial test period but on rare occasions they turn up later.
  • Training – reminding existing and new users of how to interact with the database or spreadsheet.
  • Something out of the ordinary – hopefully nothing major but someone might pull the plug out of the wall at a critical time!

How will we support you

Support comes in multiple forms.

  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Remote desktop 
  • Onsite

We can support both new Access databases and Excel spreadsheets built by Xlteq and legacy models built but someone else.

All our services are provided with an agreement including KPIs. 

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