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Access Database Consultants

At Xlteq we design and build customised, scalable and low-cost solutions using Microsoft Access, which are designed to grow, flex and evolve as your data grows.

Many databases start out as a list in a word-processing program or Excel spreadsheet but as the list grows bigger, inconsistencies and errors appear, the data becomes harder to derive any meaning from and there are limited ways to search for and review subsets of data.

Microsoft Access is a versatile tool for working with sets of data, whether that is a sales order processing system, a CRM tool, or a project tracking and reporting system. Unlike many other data solutions, it is capable of change as and when required by your business. Access, when used in conjunction with Excel, can become a powerful management reporting tool to enhance your business decision making.

What are the advantages of using Microsoft Access

  • Other Microsoft products easily interact with Access including Excel, Power BI, Power Pivot and Outlook.
  • Access is a rapid application environment allowing a quick development process.
  • Lots of businesses have Microsoft Office already embedded in their infrastructure. This means no additional software requirements to get up and running with your bespoke database.
  • For bigger companies Access is often used as a stand-alone application to manage tasks at a local level.
  • Remote access is made easy using Microsoft Azure SQL.
  • Access is simply advanced, if required, to Microsoft SQL when the data levels demand it.

Microsoft SQL Server

A relational database management system. It is a Microsoft software product with the primary function of storing and retrieving data as requested by other software applications. It can run either on the same computer or on another computer across a network. It is almost limitless in functionality and can handle multiply users in the thousands. Storage capabilities in the terabytes and remaining vigorous and robust from fault.

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What qualities are Database Design fundamentals

  • Assemble the requirements for the database.
  • Qualify the database's rationale.
  • Always be scrupulous when modelling the data structures.
  • Define and impose relationships.
  • Use the appropriate data sets.
  • Include indexes when building the structure.
  • Standardize the naming convention.

Typical applications for MS Access are:

  • CRM systems
  • Production Planning
  • Sales tracking tool
  • Facilities management tracking
  • Change program management
  • Order processing tools

Our Access Database consultants create databases that are fully customisable to your business needs, meaning that repetitive import routines or monthly reporting cycles are handled in a consistent manner.

Take a look at our Case Studies.  

We offer a range of different options depending on your situation.

  • Design and build a new Access Database
  • Review and repair
  • Develop and upgrade
  • Migrate to SQL Server and Azure
  • Enable mobile functionality and facilitating remote access
  • Provide ongoing support for new or existing Database

Access Development Projects

CDW is a multi-national provider of technology products and services for businesses, governments and educational establishments. They approached Xlteq to improve and unify their project tracking and reporting.     

University of Manchester’s Estates and Facilities Department commision a Task and Resource Scheduling Access Database. Designed to hold all task and resourcing information in order to replace the spreadsheets and keep a running record of all tasks.   

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