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      Excel Clinics

      Excel Support and Consultancy provided on site

  • Excel Clinics Providing Expert Support and Training

    Xlteq provide expert Excel Consultants to support your business by helping improve productivity and efficiency.

    Why do you need help with Excel?

    • Broken Excel spreadsheets
    • Too busy to manage and update your spreadsheets
    • Inherited a legacy Excel spreadsheet 
    • Looking to improve the speed and efficiency of spreadsheets
    • Make improvements to the look and feel of your spreadsheets 
    • Check Excel spreadsheet structures for best practice

    How does an Excel Clinic work?

    • We come to your office and deliver the clinic on site.
    • Team members can visit either on an Ad hoc basis or schedule time slots
    • Work with individuals on specific problems with Excel
    • Sessions range from 1 hour up to a full day, allowing you to tailor the best solution.
    • Identify larger requirements which can be developed as a specific projects
    • Targeted expertise for specific Excel problems 


    What will I gain from running an Excel Clinic?

    • Raising the level of Excel skills within your teams
    • Identify and overcome specific problems with Excel spreadsheets
    • Increase efficiency within your organisation
    • Gain time from automation or improving Excel tasks
    • Empower your team to utilize the power of Excel
    • Access to Expert Excel consultants


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