Free Excel Cash Flow Template

Free Excel Cash Flow Template from Xlteq

Download Xlteq's free Cash Flow Template to assist with managing and reporting for your business. This free cash flow template shows you how to calculate cash flow using a simple cash flow statement. Our cash flow template helps measure your company’s financial performance. It displays the cash that your company has on hand after deducting elements such as salaries, rent, purchase of assets (e.g. equipment), and costs from the company income. In other words, it measures your company’s ability to manage the cash that’s available at any given time.

Free Cash Flow = Operating Cash Flow – Capital Expenditures

After downloading the Excel file, simply enter your own information in all the white cells which will automatically produce an annual output. 

The downloadable Excel file includes five tabs. 

  • Company Information : Name and start date
  • Forecast : Expenditure and income
  • Actuals : Real data accross the year
  • Summary : Compare Forecast verses Actual 
  • Help : Assistance

Download the Free Cash Flow Template


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