Improving Efficiency in Production Planning

Production Planning using Excel and Access

Xlteq build and support bespoke production and manufacturing planning tools using Excel and Access.

Our solutions are designed to your specification and often include these elements.

  • Raw Material Tracking
  • Bill of Materials
  • Finished Goods & Material Availability
  • Instant Task Visibility
  • Accurate Reporting

Xlteq production scheduling and planning tools enable manufacturers to create a highly detailed master production schedule that accounts for resource, staffing, and inventory needs in order to complete and optimize production. Production scheduling tool helps you convert customer orders into manufacturing orders.

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The important elements in the process of production planning and control include:

  • Planning - deciding in advance the processes and tasks for the future.
  • Routing - defining the exact route or path a product or element must follow from raw material to finished product.
  • Scheduling - fixing the time and date when each element of the operation will be commenced and completed.
  • Despatching - the process of initiating the production in accordance with the pre-established production plan.
  • Checking - evaluate the production has performed as planned.
  • Inspection - ensuring the quality of the products meets the standards required by the plan.

Production Planning Case Study

High-end candle and fragrance business, Parks Candles, came to Xlteq with a problem involving their production planning and supply needs. 

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