• New client case study - Sales Database and Reporting Dashboard

  • Sales Database and Reporting Dashboard Built in Microsoft Access

    Read our latest client case study - our Access Consultants build, develop and support databases. 

    The Background

    Our client is selling Telecoms products to customers in an area covering 3 counties. They are required to keep track of certain information and metrics for them but also record metrics for their own use. To do this they were using a mixture of spreadsheets provided by the Telecoms company and paper form filling. Some parts of the spreadsheets were irrelevant and they were not particularly user-friendly, hence they were looking for a way to improve their data input; to make it more user-friendly and also so that historic data was kept together and backed up appropriately.

    The company were also intending to update and upgrade their IT systems, including updating their windows software to Office 365 and installing screens in their offices to give suitable displays of key metrics.

    The key requirements for our Access Consultants were:

    • A cloud-based data storage solution that would be easily accessible from different locations and be backed up at regular intervals

    • New report designs to give appropriate, at a glance, feedback to their Sales Agents and to be displayed on their new office screens.


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