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      Data Cleaning

      Combining multiple data sources, identifying incomplete information, duplication or removing redundant data.

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    Data cleaning is the process of detecting and correcting corrupt or inaccurate records in large data sources.

    This might include removing duplicate records from databases, or validating the data stored in specific fields.

    Data cleaning is especially important when combining data from different sources, whether they be Excel spreadsheets, Access or SQL databases, in fact any data sources or legacy data feeds.

    Typical data cleaning projects involve:

    • Identifying incomplete information
    • Processing duplicate records
    • Fixing inaccurate data
    • Validating data
    • Removing redundant information
    • Combining data from different sources


    Our solutions may be as simple as providing reports for clients to action in other parts of their businesses. More complex projects will mean we replace, modify, or delete dirty data before submitting customised reports.

    Data Cleaning Projects

    London based Telesales and Marketing organisation commission xlteq to clean their data before implemented a new CRM tool.

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