Data Cleaning In Excel

"xlteq turned a headache job into an easy to use tool. Their work has saved us a large amount of time and manual effort. This has freed us up to concentrate on our core business."

Jeremy Hill - Managing Director

Data Cleaning Making Sense of Multiple Data Sources

xlteq helped a London based outsource telesales and marking organisation clean and consolidate their data before implementing a new CRM tool.

The Problem

Our client had purchased a CRM system to manage their sales and marketing functions. However they had in excess of 100 different data files containing client and prospect information. This data needed to be amalgamated, cleaned and consolidated before assessment and finally uploading into the CRM.

The Solution

Firstly we merged all the Excel spreadsheets which gave us in excess of 200,000 lines of data. Once this was complete we applied the following methods:-

  • Identifying incomplete information – auto replacing and highlighting anomalies
  • Remove duplicate records
  • Fixing inaccurate data – using predefined rules
  • Removing redundant information as defined by the business

Finally we formatted the data for our client to validate prior to upload into their CRM.

The Output

Clean data ensured the first upload into their CRM was efficient and accurate. It also gave our client the assurance that their sales and marketing campaign would be driven from relevant and up-to-date information.

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