Competitor Analysis Tools

“Xlteq have provided us with effective, efficient Microsoft Excel solutions and models that help us understand and analyse our business.”

Jake K Rostron, Operations Insights Manager, PureGym

Competitor Analysis Tool

The Problem

PureGym commissioned Xlteq to design and build a tool to capture competitor data and provide analysis. They gathered competitor information on a regular basis; this task was completed by local gym managers and the data captured ranged from pricing to facilities available across a designated radius. Information was manually keyed into a range of Excel spreadsheets and held locally.

Pure Gym was founded in 2010 to meet the demand in the market for an affordable, flexible and convenient gym. It offers no contract gym membership, 24 hours access, and multi-site availability. It has grown to be one of the largest in its market in the UK with over 90 sites currently and a significant expansion plan for the coming years.

As the market becomes more competitively aggressive the ability to understand the competitor offering and react accordingly with insight is critical to success. In particular the ability to review historical data is essential but difficult, if not impossible, due to the number of disparate data sources.

The Solution

Xlteq built a web based tool to initially capture data. Each gym manager has a unique log in to the site which is password protected. They log in and either create new location records or edit existing records.

We created a consistent range of agreed definitions to allow accurate comparisons including:-

  • Opening month and year
  • Market sector (Affordable, Mid-Market, Premium)
  • Full address details
  • Number of members
  • Opening hours
  • Membership length and type
  • Membership fee
  • Joining fee
  • Class ranges

The web portal outputs into an Excel file which is upload to a bespoke Access Database tool. Historical data held on a number of Excel Spreadsheets were cleaned and uploaded in the tool.

A range of reports are created including:-

  • Postcode analysis
  • Size
  • Amenities
  • Price changes over time and calculate a measure of local marketing price position
  • Lowest price point in a postcode

The Output

Information is reported to PureGym on a weekly basis. The formalised data capture has eradicated human error. Regular reporting has facilitated accurate analysis giving PureGym the ability to drive critical business decisions with in-depth insight.  

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