PowerPoint Automation

"The work you have done has freed up my team to do their jobs. I now have clean reports and importantly happy Sales Managers."

Group Sales Director

Automation of PowerPoint for Board Pack Presentations

Our client came to us to save time and improve the productivity of its sales managers.

The Problem

Sales managers had to produce regular board pack for reporting into the board of directors.

This included data on activity and performance plus analysis and comment. Managers were spending 4 or more days at the beginning of the month downloading data and manually manipulating to produce charts in PowerPoint for the board.

Data was extracted from three sources:-

  • CRM - activity and sales opportunities
  • Sales order database - excel based
  • Separate excel workbooks for finance - invoicing and payment information

The manual process included:-

  • Initial clean – visually sense checking and updating
  • Manually analysis
  • Chart creation
  • Transposing charts into a predefined PowerPoint slide deck

The Solution

Firstly we standardise the download process from the three data sources.

Then we automated the data checking reports. This involved running a series of data checking analysis and highlighting gaps in data including :-

  • Missing
  • Spikes
  • Unusual trends

Next we streamlined the error fixing process but auto filling unless outside of agreed parameters based on business rules

Finally we automated the analysis for final extract to PowerPoint charts.

The Output

Automate the PowerPoint pack from the excel charts utilising pictures rather than a link to excel for a number of reasons –

Smaller files size for exporting or emailing

Maintaining links can cause extensive error especially when emailing between colleagues as people have different folder structures.

The tools not only reduced the production of reports including PowerPoint packs to 30 minutes, but also eradicated human error and facilitates superior analysis

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