Order Process and Tracking Tool

"Thank you so much for your help, xlteq have saved the team hours of work. You have made 8 girls very happy!"

Sarah Franke - Failand Paper Services

Order Process and Tracking Tool Built in Access

Bristol based specialist waste paper brokerage and waste management consultancy came to xlteq to enhance an existing order tacking tool.

The Problem

FPS had been using an Access database as part of a sales order process for 13 years. They then commissioned and spent a significant amount of money on a new bespoke web based tool. The resulting tool that was delivered turned out to be not fit for purpose and subsequently has not been implemented, with the sales and order tracking team reverting to the original old database and process. This process consisted of initially inputting a new sales order into an Excel list, merging that list into a Word document in order to print off an order sheet, and then manually copying/re-inputting the information into the Access database. New users of the process had to be carefully monitored and trained to educate them as to the myriad complexities and foibles of the process.

The Solution

Having discussed their actual requirements we suggested they ignored the new cloud based tool and reverted to the original database with some significant enhancements; firstly to the process, and secondly to the database. Our solution would involve updating and improving efficiency plus removing redundant elements. In essence taking what they had and making it more intuitive and easier to use.

This included:-

  • Identifying and eradicating redundant processes
  • Implementing new process for new orders – New orders input directly into database, removing the use of the Excel list and Word mail merge document.
  • Updating user forms to make them more readable
  • Adding administration processes within the database to allow e.g. simple way to add new customers and suppliers
  • Reformatting data to allow e.g. multiple currency input
  • Data cleaning
  • Archiving data more than 7 years old
  • Redesigning data structures to enable future reporting requirements. Full reporting capabilities

The Output

.The key elements are:-

  • Single data source for orders
  • Faster input times allowing greater productivity
  • Accurate data allowing better analysis and reporting
  • New users do not require extensive training and ongoing monitoring

The new database and process is easy to use and saves FPS significant time and money.

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