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      Management Information Systems

      Use automated templates to draw together the key strands of your data, facilitating intelligent analysis into what the data really means for your company.

  • Management Information Systems That Provide Information to Drive Businesses Forward

    Our Management Information Systems (MIS) enable you to organise, evaluate and manage your business; capitalise on your client and supplier relationships; and achieve greater employee productivity without the disruption or hefty price tag associated with most enterprise solutions.

    Bespoke, effective MIS enable you to drill down into the key issues within your department or project:

    For your clients, this means a better level of service and better forecasting of their needs, as you take a more analytical approach to maximising your returns.

    For your supply chain, MIS enable better tracking and analysis, meaning you are able to maintain a tighter network and drive down costs.

    For employees, MIS means systemising your work processes to avoid repetition and promote collaboration.

    While there are very large enterprise systems available in the market place, which usually come with an equally large invoice attached, the MIS that xlteq build using Excel and Access fill the gap between these large systems and the simple spreadsheet currently used to provide that management information.  

    xlteq MIS are a cost-effective and quick way to give you what you need without a lengthy procurement, specification and build process.

    Speak to us in confidence for an honest appraisal of what is right for your business.

    Management Information Systems Projects

    A leading European Private Equity Practice came to xlteq to design and build a bespoke CRM tool to manage and track their investment managers, their clients, and investment opportunities.  

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