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Institutional Equities Broker Management Information Reporting

The Problem - Reporting taking too long

End of month Management reports were taking 2 weeks to produce, were inconsistent in format, and prone to data entry errors.

Data had to be retrieved from various sources, and was often re-input manually into Excel spreadsheets. These spreadsheets required major adjustment and rebuilding each month. The reports by business unit were inconsistent in format, and the formulae linking the various data sheets were difficult to audit and sometimes inaccurate. The SQL queries to extract data had to be manually changed each month.

The Solution - Structure and Automation

  • Automating data collection, standardising report templates
  • New automated SQL queries which did not need to be edited each month were developed, which provided all the necessary categories for segmenting the data into the various business units for reporting.
  • A standardised reporting template enabled all business units to be viewed in the same way. Manual entering of data was reduced to an absolute minimum (from 500 inputs per month to 25).

The Output - Immediate interactive reporting

  • Management reports printed within 4 hours of month closing
  • The Excel tools enabled the client to select the report period and business unit. The automated template would then be populated with the relevant data for the selections.
  • Multiple charts are presented in a visually appealing management dashboard.

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