Investment Portfolio Reporting

"I presented the tool to the users earlier today and they were very positive with new easy to use functionality."

Rasmus Bjerre-Nielson - Business Development Manager, Nykredit

Investment Portfolio Reporting

The Problem - Customer Portfolios take a long time to create

Nykredit needed to give customers a report showing the status of their investment portfolios. The creation of the report was a manual process. Data for the report came from a mainframe system in text files, and was then manually copied and pasted into a report template. The reports then needed more manual adjustment in order to update the various formula, and to apply formatting to make them presentable to the customers. There were no visually appealing media such as charts, and the whole process would take approximately four hours to create one report.

The Solution

Automating the data import and report generation process

A new user friendly menu driven Excel template was developed to create the portfolio reports. The loading of the data from text files was automated, with the client just having to select the files that needed to be imported to the report. The investment reports were then automatically generated, and a dashboard of charts created.

The Output - Customer reports in less than a minute

Portfolio reports are quickly created and sent to the customer. Nykredit can choose to print the report to a PDF file, or to create an Excel file to email to the customer. The whole report production process is reduced to less than a minute per customer saving the Client considerable time in the report creation process.

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