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  • Event Delegate Automated Confirmation Email Tool Built in Access

    Event Management and Telemarketing company based in London needed a automated tool for confirming delegate bookings at a large Global Law conference.

    The Problem

    Our client needed an easy and accurate way to manage the delegate invitation and invoicing procedure for their event management division. This process was essential a manual one involving sending orders to a central administration function. These orders could be arrive in a number of different formats including email, excel spreadsheet, or written on piece of paper. Order information would then be transposed to an email and sent to the fulfilment house before being dispatched to a delegate. Clearly this process was both time consuming and easily prone to errors.

    The Solution

    The tool was built in Access to enable a number of facilities including storing historical data and automating the email functionality. Firstly we designed an input form to capture all the relevant contact details and individual requirements. As part of this form the sales operative had the facility to adjust the pricing model, within controlled parameters, should there be a need to discount for multiple sales. On completion of the data input the tool automatically sent out emails to the following:-

    • Delegate - confirming full details of the event and their specific requirements.
    • Fulfilment house - informing with the key details required to general the invoice.


  • The Output

    All manual errors were eradicated and the need to use an administration function eliminated, which has saved both time and money. The client is also able to track past orders with an easy to use dashboard and reporting function.


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