Custom Model Using Excel and Access

"xlteq are a trusted partner to our organisation. The services they provide aid our efficiency in terms of time saving, are essential to our business practice, and enable effective management decisions."

Head of Internal Audit

Custom Tool Utilzing Excel and Access

A global services organisation asked xlteq to build a suite of audit tools for the internal audit team.

The Problem

The client needed to utilise bespoke interrogation tools to effectively engage with local data and systems when carrying out its internal auditing processes. This activity took place across their entire global network and was reliant on pre-existing reports and data downloads, which were then manually combined to create the reports that the team needed. Internal resource restrictions meant that the audit team had to perform these data manipulations themselves, which took up much more of their time that they could afford to give. The process was also prone to errors due to the high level of user interaction in the consolidation.

The solution

To build a suite of tools, automatically drawing data from company systems, analysing and reporting results in the format needed.

The tools included:

  • Payroll auditing – checking that personnel systems data accurately reflected accounting systems data
  • Project work in progress auditing – reviewing time spent on projects vs. fees billed to clients
  • Project reporting – tracking time and expenses being transferred between projects

The tools where primarily built using MS Access. Interactive reporting tools output results to pdf reports and into Excel templates. 

The Result

The tools are used to extract relevant data to aid management decision making. Automation of these data consolidation and reporting tasks enabled the team to spend time on analysis rather than the data collection.

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