Client Experience and Satisfaction Tool

Client Experience and Satisfaction Measure Built in Access with Web Front End

PureGym approached xlteq to design and build a tool to capture data from discontinued gym users. In any given week upwards of 30,000 gym users either commence or terminate their membership so there was a rapid need to report and analyse these movements.

Pure Gym was founded in 2010 to meet the demand in the market for an affordable, flexible and convenient gym offering. It offers no contract gym membership, 24 hours access, and multi-site availability. It has grown to be one of the largest in its market in the UK with over 90 sites currently and a significant expansion plan for the coming years.

As the market becomes more competitive the ability to understand the customer is critical as retention becomes a key battleground. Hence the need to capture data on a regular basis.

The Solution

Xlteq built a web based tool to capture data. Each gym manager has a unique log in to the site which is password protected. Every week the Access tool sends to each manager a list of their gyms leaver details.

They are then tasked with calling the individuals and ask them a series of questions including:-

  • Reason for leaving
  • What were you trying to achieve
  • What was the most important area of the gym
  • How would you rate your overall experience

This information is reported on a weekly basis. The web portal outputs into an Excel file which is upload to a bespoke Access tool.

Once the data had been downloaded, we then run a series of checks to ensure there was no duplication and produced a series of different summary reports and dashboards in Excel. In order to store the data appropriately and to generate one series of reports, the data is imported into a database to keep track of all changes to the various gyms as well as the data associated. The data is only ever identified by membership number in order to ensure compliance with data protection laws.

Data is then used to analyse and generate a number different reports. Xlteq manage the entire process including:

  • Sending reports to multiple recipients
  • Automating list generation
  • Full reporting suite
  • Managing web tool hosting

The Output

Interactive reports in Excel are produced from the database to show the results of the survey by region and to allow the various metrics to be examined in more detail. In addition, simple summary reports were produced on a weekly basis in excel to illustrate the numbers of members leaving and the team members recording the most surveys. The metrics displayed in the database reports allowed the user to analyse the reasons given for leaving as well as the numbers showing the “through-put” for each gym.

This reporting has enable PureGym to identify the patterns in behaviour that lead to continuing or discontinuing period of membership.

Accurate analysis has shaped the ongoing growth plans at a national and local level. Reports are generated in Excel and PowerPoint format depending on the client requirement.

Xlteq, as part of their Managed Service Desk service, provide the regular reporting and manage the site on behalf of Puregym. 

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