Automated Data Uploads

"I have used xlteq on a number of occasions and they have made complicated processes simple. Using the systems they have created we have saved a significant amount of time and money."

Hedley Clark - Managing Director

Data Upload Streamlining to Improve Productivity and Save Money

Kent based bespoke background screening company asked xlteq to automate the collection and upload of data necessary for regulatory background checks via an external agency online portal.

The Problem

Our client, as part of its service, has to check the potential employee background data for their clients with external agencies. This involves uploading pre populated forms for each candidate into an online portal. This task was manual as each request was specific to an individual candidate. This meant transferring data from one source (typically an Excel spreadsheet) to the portal which was both time consuming and prone to human error.

The Solution

Firstly we standardised the collection of candidate details into an Access database. The database included a series of validation checks such as:

  • Making sure mandatory fields were populated
  • Date sequences were in order
  • All local checks had been completed
  • All relevant documents scanned and filed

The data could then be uploaded either individually, or as part of a batch, directly to the external agency portal for validation and background checking.

The Output

The key output is the automated feed from the local database to the external agency’s online portal. This has made significant time savings and eradicated manual data entry into the agency portal for each individual candidate.

The candidate database also enables our client to make sure all the necessary details have been completed before submission to the external agency, and incomplete submissions would not be processed by the agency.

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