• Access Database for Tenancy Management

  • Access Database Consultants Create Tenancy Management Tool

    Xlteq are asked to build a Microsoft SQL Server Azure Database with a Microsoft Access Front End. The data storage would be designed according to the specification provided

    Approach to creating the solution is suggested:


    1. Create a database table structure in MS Access

    2. Design Data Entry Forms based on customer discussions and check their functionality in Access, including some user testing.

    3. Migrate the data structure and any content to MS Azure and write appropriate SQL views in order to run the Access forms as efficiently as possible.

    4. Create any reporting or dashboarding

    5. User Testing 


    Xlteq Creates Tenancy Database Management Tool















    This is an example of a data entry form for adding new Maintenance requests, based on the data fields supplied in the customer specification.  The green boxes could be populated automatically with information from within the database based on the selections on the right-hand side

    1. Create the additional tables in Azure

    2. Create appropriate Data Entry forms for handling new Applicants and Rent Calculations and any reporting required.

    3. User Testing

    4. Complete the data structure in Azure

    5. Design user forms and reporting

    6. Final User Testing and Approval